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I've included person's first name, dog's name, breed, location, club, class, date and judge's name in the YouTube description. You can search the channel for many of those phrases to find things you're interested in.


Search for "golden" if you want just golden retrievers...if you add "retriever" to the search, YouTube's results will also find other retrievers: Nova Scotia, Chesapeake, Labrador. But you will also find trials hosted by the Golden Retriever Club, since I have included the club name in the description too.

The link above to "Course Maps" has links to PDF files of maps collected at trials since June 2013.

In Memory of Gamma who left us at the age of 14 just a couple months after finishing her NADAC NATCH2.
Her she got a rare (for us) AKC QQQ at 12 1/2 years!

Also, Here's Some Fun We've Had
with Rigel and Gamma's Holiday Messages



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