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Christmas 2010

by NATCH Gamma, MX, MXJ, MXF (Aussie)

By now you’ve probably figured out that a new “kid” joined our family this year! The first puppy Mom and Dad have had in over 9 years and the first one I’ve EVER had to train, he is keeping us oldsters young! Rigel is a Belgian Sheepdog. Because of Mom and Dad’s interest in astronomy, we heard that he’s named after the brightest star of the constellation Orion, whatever that is.

He’s now 10 months old and taking beginning agility classes–but it’ll be a LONG time before he can beat ME in agility! He is pretty wonderful, as puppies go, and gets along perfectly with us...he knows how to “kiss up” and I’m enjoying teaching him useful stuff. We do everything together. Pilot, the grinch, prefers not to interact with us so we let him stay home with Daddy’s brother, Terry, on our weekends in the RV.

Mom is still working at Margaret’s Cleaners and spends many weekends doing agility competition with me. To keep himself busy at the trials, Daddy is now doing videos of all the runs with a remote controlled camera on a 12’ pole and selling them to people. It makes for some long days for us kids, but they say it helps with the cost of my entry fees! OK, just so long as I can keep racing Mom around those courses!

We’re all looking forward to the New Year with more agility fun and games and learning new things and training Rigel some more. We hope your 2011 is as fun as our 2010 was with our new kid!

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year!

Alan & Kathy Upton
Agility Videos 4 You
Tribble, Gamma, Rigel, & Pilot

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