Who is AgilityVideos4You?

Kathy and Alan tried to find a way to combine Kathy's love of agility competition with Alan's love for capturing it on video. Kathy currently runs Gamma, an 13-year-old rescue Aussie and a 6-year-old Belgian Sheepdog, Rigel, in AKC and NADAC trials in the San Diego area. Alan's been capturing Kathy's runs since her first agility dog in 1995, a Belgian Sheepdog who started AKC and NADAC agility at the age of 9.

We have found that videos of runs are a wonderful learning we are running, we often don't realize what we have done as handlers to cause errors on the courses. It's a great way to objectively observe where we need to improve our handling and where our partner's training needs improvement. The inexpensive link on YouTube allows you to easily share the video with friends and instructors. With a flash drive you can take the videos home with you the day of the trial.

We developed the equipment to enable our HD camera to view courses from a higher angle than ringside, — we call it our "stadium view." All too often, the ringside view is blocked by you end up missing the area of the course where you encountered a problem. Our "stadium view" is unobstructed at 15' off the ground! We have also added a remote mic at ringside to pick up audio from the ring.

Sample Videos



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