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— Other Recent Holiday Songs and Cards—

2010 — Photos from Rigel's First Year:
"All of the Baby Belgians" (to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer"&
"Rigel, the Belgian" (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

2011 — "He Sees You When He's Weavin'"

2012 — "If I Only Had a Brain" (a Wizard of Oz Rewrite)

2013 — "The Merry New Land of Fun" (another Wizard of Oz Rewrite)

2014 — See Above

2015 — Have a Howlin' Happy Holiday and Letter from Gamma

2016 – Vega's First Greeting Card

2017 – Greeting (coming)

2018 – Calendar & Card, Mammoth & Pismo Beach

2019 – Calendar and Card, Trip to Champs in Wyoming & Yellowstone

2020 – Calendar, Visit to Mammoth Lakes area

2021 Calendar Card, No travel...Vega tours Lakes of San Diego County

2022 Calendar Card featuring trip to Crand Canyon, etc. on way to Ohio & NADAC Champs

2023 Calendar Card featuring Quazar Puppy Photos & Canadian Arctic Scenics by Jean Echinlaub

In Memory of Gamma who left us at the age of 14 just a couple months
after finishing her NADAC NATCH2.
Here she got a rare (for us) AKC QQQ at 12 1/2 years!


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